At Velocity Public Affairs, we help our clients create results and impact by addressing challenges and making the most of opportunities in the public relations and public affairs marketplace. As a full-service public affairs firm, we help assess complex issues and specific client needs to identify risks, challenges and opportunities, developing customized strategies that are focused on achieving results.

The Velocity team helps create meaningful results for clients by being fierce advocates, strategic communicators and effective operatives.



Velocity Public Affairs approaches each client’s needs by analyzing the problem and defining realistic outcomes. We’ll work to educate you about realities and potential solutions as we create plans that build a solid foundation to accomplish goals and produce results. To move from a plan to action, the Velocity team will identify key influencers who can affect the outcome. Combining this process with our policy expertise, Velocity Public Affairs successfully informs and engages supporters to create knowledgeable advocates to influence the outcome.



Understanding the importance of being able to convey information that creates impact and results, we bring significant expertise to the work we do to create messages for each project and client. We work with our clients not only to understand the nature of their business and goals but to also bring in other perspectives and backgrounds. This helps create and develop effective and consistent messages to reach key influencers and other target audiences. We help our clients identify and manage relevant communication channels and tools. We constantly analyze various data sources and monitor current events and media to help inform plans, strategies and tactics: We’ll continually update, refine and enhance messaging as necessary to meet the changing dynamics while staying focused on the end goal.



The Velocity team’s broad backgrounds and experiences have helped develop and maintain valuable long-term relationships and provided a perspective from which we can engage with a unique purpose and focus. Drawing on a vast network of relationships from work in the media and both the public and private sectors, we bring to our work the ability to build and engage coalitions of key influencers that resonate with decision makers. As developments arise and situations change, we’re able to continually redefine the key audience as well as the relevant channels and tools to best achieve the desired outcome.



Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Planning

Media Relations

Crisis Communications

Issue and Reputation Management

Corporate Communications

Content Management and Planning

Coalition Development and Management

Community Relations and Civic Engagement

Grassroots Development, Advocacy, and Management

Government Relations

Influencer/Key Stakeholder Engagement



612 social

612 Social

612Social is a full-service social marketing agency based in northeast Minneapolis. The 612Social team works to activate your social media accounts by creating measurable goals and maintaining a consistent flow of content. They sift through the social media noise to create measurable social marketing plans that make sense for your unique business model.

612Social is a certified Google Partner and works with businesses of all sizes to increase brand awareness, clicks, and conversions with people who are searching for your products and brand.


Endorse Communications

Endorse Communications

Endorse Communications is a professional communications and web support company committed to providing unique solutions to grow your business. Whether your communications needs consist of organizational messaging or web support, Endorse Communications is committed to getting your message across — loud and clear — and making you look good.

Plenty of folks think that web design is all about slapping some words and pictures together and posting them online. No doubt that attitude has created an abundance of underperforming websites that aren’t building a brand, driving sales, or working nearly as hard as they could be. At Endorse Communications, we know that web design involves a lot of work – and we’re not scared to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.


Mercury Creative

Mercury Creative Group

Mercury is a talented group of brand-focused professionals that creates compelling marketing communications that foster lasting connections to your audience and grow your brand. The Mercury immersive method is the perfect blend of strategic thinking, collaboration and smart execution. They’ll sprinkle in some fun whenever possible.


John Miles Company

John Miles Company

When marketing your company, John Miles believes the first impression you make is extremely important. Whether it’s your logo, your website, your latest email, or the literature that your sales people send to prospects, a polished, professional appearance is critical to your image and your message. JMC creates great-looking work that gets attention.

JMC’s long-term client relationships are the result of the unique approach it takes to servicing its clients and the measurable results they achieve for them. You’ll never sign a contract or pay a retainer with JMC. They shake hands, get to work and deliver projects on time and on budget.

What truly sets JMC apart is its ability to provide big-agency talent and services without the big-agency price tag. You won’t find them in a large downtown office space, and they don’t have layers upon layers of account people on staff. No matter the economic climate, John Miles Company is a great value: It’s that simple.



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  • Midway Chamber of Commerce (board member)
  • Saint Paul Police Foundation
  • Neighborhood House
  • Saint Paul Serves (Serving Our Troops) Foundation
  • Friends of the Public Library (board member)
  • Spare Key Foundation (board member)
  • Saint Paul Skyway Workforce Group