The Advocacy Elevator: Identify. Mobilize. Elevate.

Need to get a constituency off the fence and on your side? The Advocacy Elevator, a proprietary process created by Velocity Public Affairs, can create a customized plan tailored to your situation.

The Advocacy Elevator proved invaluable in the recent effort by Enbridge, a Calgary, Alberta-based energy transportation company, to garner public – and subsequently legislative – support for its “Line 3” project to build an oil pipeline from Canada into Minnesota.

To garner favorable decisions by government agencies that would decide the fate of the project, Enbridge needed an exceptional and sustained show of statewide public support. Enter Velocity.

Enbridge tapped the Advocacy Elevator’s power to develop uniquely comprehensive sets of data that were the foundation to better define and understand a universe of people more likely to support the project and to take action. After creating this refined universe, Velocity then used a variety of tactics that included a phone program, a direct-mail program, a digital and content engagement program and a canvassing program to knock on doors across Minnesota to connect with potential supporters. All of this was focused on the objective of further identifying the strongest group of likely supporters and then getting them to “walk the walk” by taking actions that would create an impact with specific audiences that would, in turn, support approval of the line.

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