Fierce Advocates; Strategic Communicators; Effective Operatives.

Velocity Public Affairs is a full-service public affairs company that combines experienced leadership with market-leading, proprietary technology to help clients strategically address and manage public affairs challenges and opportunities.

Effective public affairs today extends beyond relationships with elected officials, reporters, or other key stakeholders. It means being constantly aware of the environment an organization operates in, monitoring the way other interests are sharing or creating information, and then being able to quickly act or react.   Velocity Public Affairs is uniquely positioned to understand the complex public affairs environment to attain meaningful results.

From the critical thinking needed to assess, recognize and create the most effective way to communicate complex information to understanding diverse audiences, to the expertise needed to effectively engage audiences in a coordinated campaign, Velocity brings together a unique combination of media, campaign, business, and advocacy experience to deliver optimal outcomes.

Velocity is driven to be fierce advocates; strategic communicators; and effective operatives for every client.