Velocity Public Affairs has decades of combined experience navigating the public relations arena in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest. We serve as the eyes and ears on the ground for you, serving as strategic communicators to craft proactive messaging and reactive responses to accomplish goals, manage reputations, and improve public perception. 

Captivating storytelling is a critical piece to the puzzle. From developing initial messaging sets and finding compelling advocates, to managing crises and negative attention, we have the relationships and expertise to ensure your public persona remains positive while actively winning over new supporters as well. 


  • Develop content & data-based messaging sets 
  • Create and/or update websites 
  • Manage social media 
  • Media relations 
  • Media training 
  • Rapid response/Crisis Communications 
  • Monitoring & reporting 
  • Earned media 
  • Digital advertising 
  • Public education campaigns 

Just a few of our

Success Stories

  • Drove supporters to send 1,500 messages to key legislators in opposing legislation that would negatively impact health care organizations.

  • Identified over 4,000 supporters and produced over 700 docket letters, 2,275 patch phone calls, and 2,700 letters sent to legislators.

  • Gained thousands of supporters and helped secure unprecedented bipartisan Congressional and Presidential support...