Looking for Ways to Identify, Engage, and Activate Supporters for Your Projects?

Introducing: The Advocacy Elevator™

Is your target audience on the fence? Finding it challenging to bring them over to your side? It’s time to move people of influence and importance to your point of view with the Advocacy Elevator™!

Find out how the Advocacy Elevator can identify, engage, and activate supporters from your target audience with our free Advocacy Assessment.

How Does the Advocacy Elevator Work?

Find and Identify People

We have access to over 1,700 data variables on 230 million Americans and use resources such as raw state voter files, census data, phone numbers, change of address, geocodes, consumer data, and sophisticated demographics.

Predictive Modeling

We use constantly evolving, proprietary modeling methods to rank each person on their likelihood of becoming your advocates and actively supporting your cause, creating a broader population of people more likely to take action.

Targeted Engagement

Next we develop targeted communications and engagement activities and execute them through social media, phone calls, direct mail, digital ads, email, and events – turning “maybes” into “absolutelys” and motivating supporters to take action.


Our targeting and communications are designed to activate your supporters and move others to a higher level of engagement, such as writing letters, going to events, engaging decision makers, and encouraging others to get involved.

The Advocacy Elevator™ Gets Results

On a recent project, the Advocacy Elevator helped a client receive unanimous support from a regulatory commission by:

  • Identifying over 118,000 supporters
  • Collecting more than 20,000 signatures of support
  • Placing over 7,000 lawn signs
  • Facilitating more than 40,000 phone calls to elected officials and key influencers

Get Your Free Advocacy Assessment, and Find Out How You Can Identify, Engage, and Activate Supporters Now

Our Advocacy Elevator is an effective tool for identifying key constituencies and elevating their engagement to actively support your project or issue. It’s worked for others, and we’d love to find a way to make it work for you.

Fill out this short form, and our experienced team will reach out for a free consultation to assess your advocacy needs. We’ll discuss:

  • Some of your current strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tactics that would work best for connecting with your audience
  • The most effective ways to activate your supporters to take action

Our goal is to give you some key takeaways to immediately elevate your advocacy efforts, and also discuss more in depth ways that we can help you take your strategy to the next level.

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