Advocating on Behalf of Business
Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce


In the summer of 2013, the City of Minneapolis proposed to bring forward a referendum that would ask voters if the city should take over all electric utility operations. The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce sought assistance building a coalition of key influencers and grassroots advocates to communicate opposition to the City’s efforts.

Xcel Energy Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce


In an abbreviated timeline of three weeks, Velocity worked with the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce to quickly mobilize and activate business leaders, civic leaders, communities of color and others across the city. Utilizing innovative means of communication and outreach efforts, Velocity was able drive strong turnout to the City Council hearing where people in opposition to city-run utilities greatly outnumbered those who supported the change.


Velocity’s organizing and communication efforts were highly successful. Minneapolis City Council members pressed “pause” and reevaluated the proposed plan. Instead of bringing the issue to voters, the Council passed a resolution urging Xcel Energy to work with the City of Minneapolis, allowing Xcel Energy to continue to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy to the businesses and residents of Minneapolis.