Revitalizing a public/private/nonprofit Coalition
I-94 West Corridor Coalition


The I-94 West Corridor Coalition was in desperate need of federal and state funding. Due to the unfortunate financial state of the Coalition and a lack of advocacy from the business, civic, and the residential community, this would be difficult task to accomplish without proper leadership. In 2013, members of the Velocity team were retained to provide organizational management and strategic planning, and to lead the Coalition’s communications, government relations and membership management efforts.


The Velocity team worked with Coalition to develop short and long term goals, design a brand awareness campaign and host a kick-off event with business leaders, legislators and government officials. The team updated traditional and digital media components, and increased the Coalition’s other legislative and executive branch advocacy efforts.


Since 2013, the Velocity team’s efforts have paid off greatly for the coalition and the I-94 West Corridor. Strategic planning for the Coalition has resulted in outstanding financial stability, continuously increasing membership from year to year, and increased awareness within the business, civic, and residential communities.

Because of the successful government relations efforts, the Coalition was able to receive necessary funding for lane capacity expansion from Rogers to St. Michael. Since the grand opening in late 2014, this expansion has produced a 55% reduction in travel delay, saving travelers approximately 350 hours per day, as well as nearly 3 million square feet of new industrial development producing $6.2 million annually in property tax. The Coalition has secured $1.4 million for design and engineering for the next “shovel ready” phase of lane capacity expansion from St. Michael to Albertville. The Velocity team continuously works with the Coalition to implement activities focused on achieving specific legislative, administrative and funding goals.