Unifying the Residential and Business Community
Grand Avenue Business Association


In 2015, the City of St. Paul proposed adding parking meters along the Grand Avenue retail corridor. In response, the Grand Avenue Business Association retained members of the Velocity team to stop the plan by organizing a coalition of local businesses and residents.


The Velocity team was able to highlight the city’s flawed process that included undisclosed or incorrect information – and the lack of public or business input. In just 60 days, the Velocity team shared this information to educate the local community and build a strong coalition opposed to the plan. At a heavily attended event organized by the Velocity team, residential and business advocates opposed to the plan signed mock parking tickets that were then sent to then-Mayor Chris Coleman as way to continue to demonstrate the strong opposition to the plan.


The sustained efforts forced the City Council to reject the plan, which prompted an abrupt re-think at City Hall. Ultimately, the City stopped a flawed proposal that had the potential to hurt the local residential and business communities.