Move the Needle with Relationship-based Advocacy

Recent polling by the Congressional Management Foundation found that 79 percent of grassroots advocacy professionals use identical mass email campaigns to members of Congress and other elected officials as their primary grassroots advocacy tactic. Yet just three percent of congressional staff told CMF those campaigns have “a lot of influence” on their offices’ decisions. CMF is a non-profit organization that seeks to build trust and effectiveness in Congress by enhancing the performance of the institution, legislators and their staffs through research-based education and training. 

Advocating for Agriculture: More important now than ever.

Our country is becoming more urban. Farmers need to keep legislators – and the general public – aware of how agriculture is changing and what those changes mean for their agendas. LaVell Winsor is a Kansan who’s passionate about farming. Her “day job” is as a commodities broker, but she’s often blogging and speaking about farming and farmers’ need to tell their stories to raise awareness about today’s modern agriculture, how it has changed, and what it takes for farms to make it today.