PAK Properties and Velocity manage projects on and off the worksite

PAK Properties is a Saint Paul, Minn.-based entrepreneurial real estate investment and development company focused primarily on urban and in-fill properties. Velocity’s leadership team has been a strategic advisor for Rich Pakonen and has worked with the Pak Properties real estate development firm for more than a decade.

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Advocating for Agriculture: More important now than ever.

Our country is becoming more urban. Farmers need to keep legislators – and the general public – aware of how agriculture is changing and what those changes mean for their agendas. LaVell Winsor is a Kansan who’s passionate about farming. Her “day job” is as a commodities broker, but she’s often blogging and speaking about farming and farmers’ need to tell their stories to raise awareness about today’s modern agriculture, how it has changed, and what it takes for farms to make it today.

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“Municipalization” of the Boulder electric utility: What happens when aspirational policy goals and complex realities collide – and a lesson for others.

The gist: While municipalization initiatives are enjoying momentum, they’re not without their naysayers. As advocates in cities across the country look for ways turn policy ideas and goals into real action, the intensity of the need to “change” often collides with reality and the complex nature of things like operating a power utility. Where in the past it may have been an acceptable strategy to count on other stakeholders to make sure real and economic realities were taken into account before making dramatic decisions, that is no longer the case. Boulder, Colo., is a great example of the consequences of the business community and others not being effectively engaged in the public decision-making process.

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