Velocity Public Affairs is uniquely positioned to understand the complex public affairs environment and attain meaningful results. We leverage deep relationships and understanding to navigate today’s challenging political climate to bridge the divide and move the needle. 

We excel in grassroots coalition building, advocacy and strategic communication to influence public outcomes. 

From the critical thinking needed to assess, recognize, and create the most effective way to communicate complex information to understanding diverse audiences, to the expertise needed to effectively engage audiences in a coordinated campaign, we bring together a unique combination of media, campaign, business, and advocacy experience to deliver optimal outcomes. 


  • Research and Monitoring 
  • Build & organize coalitions  
  • Activate & mobilize grassroots 
  • Engage grass tops & key stakeholders 
  • Analyze data 
  • ID work, polling & data management – analyze data 
  • Power mapping 
  • Networking 

Our Unique Approach: The Advocacy Elevator

While all projects and issues are different, our proprietary Advocacy Elevator™ can create a customized plan for each situation. The specific components of a supporter model will change for each project, yet the Elevator is able to use its unique capability to gather, coordinate, and manage comprehensive data to identify, engage, and activate supporters in a way not possible just a few years ago. 

The Advocacy Elevator uses constantly evolving modeling methods to identify and rank a person’s position on a client or project’s issue. Velocity then develops strategies to move that person to a higher level of engagement – until they’re doing something to actively support the client’s project or cause. 

We develop targeted, evolving communications and engagement activities, custom-designed, to move the “maybes” to the “absolutelys” and encourage increasingly enthusiastic advocacy from those already on board. The client gets a broader population of people who will support the project – and encourage others to do the same. 

It is often said “the world is run by those who show up.” For complex projects that face robust public approval and regulatory processes, matching or exceeding opposition advocacy efforts is a complex and critical challenge. Not only is a project proposer held to a “never wrong” standard while opponents can use or create false or incomplete information without any consequences, the project team also has to routinely find ways to counter well-funded progressive groups from around the country. The Velocity Advocacy Elevator is an effective solution. 

Can we do things the old way? Absolutely. But this is what makes us unique and what will allow us to help you. 

Just a few of our

Success Stories

  • Drove supporters to send 1,500 messages to key legislators in opposing legislation that would negatively impact health care organizations.

  • Identified over 4,000 supporters and produced over 700 docket letters, 2,275 patch phone calls, and 2,700 letters sent to legislators.

  • Gained thousands of supporters and helped secure unprecedented bipartisan Congressional and Presidential support...