PAK Properties is a Saint Paul, Minn.-based entrepreneurial real estate investment and development company focused primarily on urban and in-fill propertiesVelocity’s leadership team has been a strategic advisor for Rich Pakonen and has worked with the Pak Properties real estate development firm for more than a decade.  

Working in an urban marketplace has both unique opportunities and challenges that can impact the success of a project. Our work has ranged from helping to identify and address potential risks for different projects to engaging the media and other audiences to support the company. This has helped PAK Properties develop and rehabilitate a variety of projects that include luxury condominiums, market-rate and low-income rental housing, commercial spaces, assisted-living facilities and historic restoration projects.

Helping monitor, assess, and engage in different situations has helped PAK effectively work with the media, the community, government, and other stakeholders to develop a strong portfolio of successful projects.