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Velocity Public Affairs is a full-service firm combining experienced leadership with market-leading, proprietary technology to help clients strategically address and manage public affairs challenges and opportunities.

About Velocity Public Affairs

With decades of experience, we have a proven track record of building winning coalitions, activating grassroots and grass tops supporters, and developing effective communications strategies to influence and engage elected officials, key stakeholders, media outlets and the public. We strive to serve as your trusted advisor and partner.

We Are:


Public Affairs

Velocity Public Affairs is uniquely positioned to understand the complex public affairs environment and attain meaningful results. We leverage deep relationships and understanding to navigate the today’s challenging political climate to bridge the divide and move the needle.

Public Relations

Velocity Public Affairs has decades of combined experience navigating the public relations arena in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest. We serve as the eyes and ears on the ground for our clients, serving as strategic communicators to craft proactive messaging and reactive responses to accomplish goals, manage reputations, and improve public perception.

Just a few of our

Success Stories

  • Drove supporters to send 1,500 messages to key legislators in opposing legislation that would negatively impact health care organizations.

  • Identified over 4,000 supporters and produced over 700 docket letters, 2,275 patch phone calls, and 2,700 letters sent to legislators.

  • Gained thousands of supporters and helped secure unprecedented bipartisan Congressional and Presidential support...